Frequently Asked Questions


The Bespoke Room is a black owned new-age of modern fashion, tech-enabled luxury menswear brand that offers the trendiest formal and semi-formal looks for the modern man. With a focus on wedding parties, we design and construct a wide range of custom-tailored and ready-to-wear suits, tuxedos, dress shirts, and other formal and semi-formal accessories, which are sold online and in its Atlanta, Georgia showroom.

Our services go far beyond offering men’s clothing that is beautifully constructed and of high quality. Our service, speed, and flexibility are of the utmost importance, especially in today’s fast-paced world.

This has been the motivation behind our commitment to delivering the very best experience to our customers, so we have built our own Complete Online Shopping experience to offer you more flexibility and control over the way you design, manufacture, and tailor your own formal and semi-formal clothing for every occasion.

The Bespoke Room officially launched its website and opened its Atlanta, Georgia Showroom in October 2021, displaying its trendy tailored clothing sold online as well as providing customers with a place to shop and be serviced.

For more information about our story see our article on Thrillist.

What We Accomplished

Currently, we do not provide rentals. But, why rent when you can own for the same price?

While we’re scheduled to officially launch our womenswear line in 2023, certain custom orders are being accepted. For more information about women’s formal wear Contact us.


An appointment is necessary when you want to design and style unique attire for a wedding or special event, if you want to design a custom tailored suit, or if you want to see our designs.

Weddings or Special Events

To ensure optimal time for your groom’s party’s designs, orders, fittings, and adjustments, we suggest placing orders six months in advance for a wedding or special event. 

If you’re making an appointment to customize your own tailor-made attire that’s not for a wedding or special event, we recommend scheduling your appointment two months in advance.

During publicly observed national holidays, our office may be closed. However, you are welcome to contact us for urgent appointments and we will consider ensuring your convenience if at all possible.

A confirmation email and text message will be sent to you once we receive your appointment request, and it will be reviewed for approval or for additional information within 24 hours.

Please check your spam or junk folder or other inbox folders. If you still have not received your confirmation, please contact our Customer Support Team.


Our Atlanta showroom offers installment payment options for large wedding parties and custom-made clothing orders that are placed in the showroom.

Taking into account the importance of financial flexibility, we are developing a range of products that will offer installment payment options.

Online Orders
Payments are due immediately upon checkout for online orders. 

Tailor Made Orders (Showroom only)
The 50% down payment is due when the order is placed, then the balance is due when the order is ready for shipment. A notification email and SMS will be sent to you when your order is ready for shipment and final payment.

We accept all forms of payment except checks.

For online orders, we offer secure online credit or debit card payment options through our website. You are also able to pay in person by visiting our Atlanta, GA Bespoke Showroom. For all other custom orders made through our signature bespoke design process, your invoice will be sent via email as well as via text.


The items purchased from our online store can only be shipped to U.S. territories at this time.

Tailor-Made Orders
Enjoy free shipping on all tailor-made orders.  

Ready-to-Wear Orders
We offer a low shipping fee of $15 or less on all ready-to-wear orders.

Tailor-Made Orders
Tailor-made orders that are in stock ship within 2 to 4 business days. Tailor-made items that are on backorder, ship within 15 to 20 business days.

Ready-to-Wear Orders
Ready-to-wear items in stock are shipped within 2 to 4 business days. Ready-to-wear items that are on backorder, ship within 5 to 7 business days.

Signature Bespoke Orders
For Signature Bespoke orders, shipment is based on complexity of designs and construction.

We email you the shipment tracking details when your order has been shipped. You also will be offered the option to receive updates via SMS when placing your order. In this case, you will receive current tracking information through SMS.

For additional assistance, please contact our Customer support team.

Starting February 2022, you can track all your orders online by simply logging into your account on our website.

Create your free account today!


Returns and Exchanges – The Bespoke Room (

Returns are accepted on all eligible items for an exchange or refund. 

Eligible items are unworn items with all untampered tags and labels that are still attached.

All items must be unworn, unwashed, and in original packaging.

Final sale items cannot be returned or exchanged.

Refunds are not accepted on our Signature Bespoke packages or made-to-measure items. 

Exchanges and returns must be made within 14 days following the delivery order date.

Customers are responsible for the shipment fees of authorized returns or exchanges, except for damaged or defective items. 

Once we receive your returned items, your refund or exchange will be processed within 5 to 7 business days.

In the event that we receive a worn garment or other return items that have not been authorized, your return/exchange will not be processed, nor will your worn garment or unauthorized return be returned to you. 

Go to My Account and sign in. Click on Order History. Select the order with the item(s) you wish to return. Click on Return/Exchange to start a return.

We currently have a retail location and showroom in Atlanta, GA and aim to open one in the greater NYC area by Winter 2023.


It depends on whether you’re ordering Ready-to-Wear, Tailor-Made or Signature Bespoke garments. 

Our Ready-to-Wear garments are ready-made designs offered in ‘Standard Sizes’. Our Tailor-Made and Signature Bespoke packages are typically offered in ‘made-to-measure’ sizes. 

Finding your right size is easy – whether it’s in your standard size or made-to-measure.

Visit our Men’s Suit Fit Guide & Size Chart page for more details about finding your right size.

Standard Sizes
Our standard sizes are typically offered in our Ready-to-Wear jackets, trousers, dress shirts and shoes and are designed to fit the average man’s height and build.
The garment can then be altered by a tailor to better fit you after this process is completed. If necessary, such changes may include tightening or letting out the pants, shortening sleeve lengths, etc. We offer alterations and fitting services for an additional charge. 

Our made-to-measure garments are constructed to fit your unique body’s shape taking into account your size, posture, figure and shape of your body. Generally, your initial body measurements are taken, then, depending on your preferences, there will be fittings and alterations to the final garments at the end. Fittings and alterations are no cost when you order our Signature Bespoke garments.

Finding your right standard sizes is easy. Our simple Men’s Formal Wear Standard Sizing Guide shown below will help you find your proper sizes.

All you’ll need is:

  • Your height
  • Your typical t-shirt size (for example Small, Medium, Large)
  • Your typical pants standard waist size number (for example 28, 30, 32, 34) and 
  • Choose the body profile that best matches your current build (slim, average, muscular, large) 

Your jacket chest size, shirt neck size and trouser waist size is based on your typical t-shirt size, pants waist size and body shape profile, while your jacket length and shirt sleeve length size is based on your height. 

Jacket Sizes
Our jacket standard sizes have a number and one descriptive word or letter (for example, 38 Short, 40 Regular, 42 Long). 

The number (38, 40, 42) refers to the chest size of the jacket, which is typically your chest measurement but can be different depending on your body profile. 

The descriptive word (Short, Regular, Long) refers to the length of the jacket, which is typically based on your height. 

Dress Pants Waist Sizes
Our dress pants sizes are based on US standard pants sizes. Our dress pants sizes have a number that refers to the ‘waist size’ – this typically ranges from 28 to 46. 

One important point to note is that our dress pants are sold with an unhemmed bottom for your proper length adjustment at your local tailor shop. This means that you only need to find your pants waist size. 

Dress Shirt Sizes
Our dress shirt sizes have two numbers separated by a dash “ – “. The first number refers to the neck size and the second number refers to the sleeve length, for example, a shirt size 15” – 34/35” or 17.5” – 36/37”. 

Our dress shirt neck sizes increase by half inches and range from sizes 14.5″ to 20″. 

Our dress shirt sleeve lengths, which are based on your height, are offered in three options: 32/33”, 34/35” and 36/37”.

We offer the following Standard Sizes:

36S, 36R, 36L, 38S, 38R, 38L, 40S, 40R, 40L, 42S, 42R, 42L, 44S, 44R, 44L, 46S, 46R, 46L, 48R, 48L, 50R, 50L, 52R, 52L, 54R, 54L, 56R, 56L, 58R, 58L, 60R, 60L

14.5 – 32/23, 14.5 – 34/35, 15 – 32/33, 15 – 34/35, 15.5 – 32/33, 16 – 32/33, 16 – 34/35, 16.5 – 32/33, 16.5 – 34/35, 16.5 – 36/37, 17 – 32/33, 17 – 34/35, 17 – 36/37, 17.5 – 34/35, 17.5 – 36/37, 17.5 – 38/39, 18 – 34/35, 18 – 36/37, 18 – 38/39, 18.5 – 34/35, 18.5 – 36/37, 18.5 – 38/39, 19 – 34/35, 19 – 36/37, 19 – 38/39, 19.5 – 36/37, 19.5 – 38/39

28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54

Shoes (US)
7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Almost every garment is designed out of a different fabric, which means the fit may differ slightly between each garment. As a result, you may need to deviate from your typical waist size. Our recommendation: For thin builds, order your normal waist size. For average, athletic, and brawny builds, order one waist size up. If you are between sizes, order one size up (also consider ordering two sizes up and returning the one(s) that don’t fit, free of charge!)

Visit our Size Guide page for more details about finding your right size. 

We also offer Made-to-measure if you don’t see your sizes above. Please visit our website for more information. 


Our Tailor-Made garments  are unique designs that can only be purchased from our shop. We offer our Tailor-Made in our standard sizes (e.g. size 38 Short, 38 Regular, etc.) or based on your custom body measurements. If you are interested in placing an order with your custom body measurements, please visit our website for custom body measurements options. 

By their nature, our Tailor-Made garments are made to order and usually ship within 10 to 15 business days.

Our Ready-to-Wear garments are offered ready-made in our standard sizes

Depending on your measurement accuracy and preferences, there may be minor alterations required to adjust the fit.

Signature Bespoke
Our Signature Bespoke packages are all about creating something that’s one-of-a-kind and true to YOU! With thousands of design options to choose from, your custom look will be made-to-measure using your custom body measurements with multiple fittings to ensure the perfect fit.

A collection, also known as a package, is a curated bundle of products that includes a tuxedo or suit jacket, pair of dress pants, a dress shirt, neck wear and sometimes shoes for one fixed price. 

Our collections are popular for grooms and groomsmen and serves as an affordable and convenient one-stop styling package for those special occasions with large groups.

View our Collections and Packages.

We offer several convenient ways to get measured: 

  • Find a tailor from our hand-picked list of tailors and make a free appointment with your selected tailor directly from our website.
  • Book a 15 minute virtual appointment with our design specialist and we’ll guide you on how to measure yourself. Please note that this will require a measuring tape on hand, which you can typically find at your local drug store.
  • You are always welcome to schedule a free appointment with a design specialist at our Atlanta, GA Bespoke Showroom.


A fitting, together with alterations, is the secret to perfecting the fit and style of your clothes that is unique to your body structure

Generally, a fitting is the process of determining the adjustments to a garment’s structure to fit your specific body.

Alteration is the process of cutting, contouring and tailoring particular areas of a garment to change the way the garment fits on your body. It could be as simple as taking in the waist on a pair of dress pants or shortening a sleeve on a suit or tuxedo jacket. 

Sometimes alterations are necessary to repair a garment that has given out structurally, such as a ripped armhole or missing buttons.

As a general rule, you may need to get your outfits fitted based on the following scenarios: 

  • You experience discomfort while standing, sitting or moving when you are wearing your clothes.
  • Your clothes have excess or unnecessary fabric in particular areas, which is distorting the appearance of your body’s natural form.
  • You want to modify the fit and form of a particular brand’s product in its ready-to-wear standard sizes.

We can perform fittings for orders placed through our website or in our Atlanta, GA Bespoke Showroom.

Click here to make a fitting appointment.

At the initial fitting, we’ll ask you to wear a fitted garment. Then together we will examine the way your garment(s) fit on your body, including when you sit, stand and move. 

Then, temporary correcting patterns are constructed with tailor’s pins or chalk marks at the particular areas of your garment(s) that will compensate for any anomalies caused by your body’s shape or stance to achieve your desired look and fit.

Once your fitting has been performed, alterations are then made to your garment(s).

It is always best to be as prepared as possible when attending your fitting. 

For Jacket fittings, bring or wear a well-fitted dress shirt with correct sleeve length and collar height. 

For Trouser fittings, bring or wear dress shoes with proper heel height for correct trouser length and bottom width.

For undergarments, the same or similar style would be ideal.

There is no cost for fittings performed at our Atlanta, GA Bespoke Showroom

However, there may be additional costs for the alterations to your outfit if your order does not include complimentary fittings and alterations services, which are typically offered with our Signature Bespoke packages.

Alterations are complimentary if you order our Signature Bespoke package.

However, there may be additional costs for the alterations to your outfit if your order does not include complimentary fittings and alterations services.

We offer alteration services through our local tailor partners. Contact us for additional information.


Coming soon, you will be able to create and plan your event using all of our services, directly from your phone, PC or tablet!

No you will not be charged for creating the look. Charges will only take effect once you checkout.

Coming soon, you will be able to create your event on our website.

For non-wedding, special events, we recommend that you create your event at least two months before the event date.

For weddings, we recommend you create your event at least 6 months before the big day.

Absolutely! Please feel free to book a virtual or in-person consultation for expert advice from our design team.

Changes can be made to your event up to free of charge 2 weeks prior to your event. However, if changes need to be made less than 2 weeks to your event, an additional fee will be incurred.

Yes, you can! No worries on having to get it all right the first time.

No, you will not. Create with confidence, there’s absolutely no risk involved!

Yes, you can through our event management system.

For weddings, we recommend at least 2 months. For special events, we recommend 1 month prior to the event date.

For custom wedding tuxedos, we advise you to submit your measurements at least 2 months before the wedding date.

Please check your spam or junk folder first, then if you still don’t see anything contact us immediately. Additionally, we will work with you to ensure that we have the accurate information on file, then resend the event invitation.

Returns are accepted on all eligible items for an exchange or refund. 

Eligible items are unworn items with all untampered tags and labels that are still attached 

Final sale items cannot be returned or exchanged.

Refunds are not accepted on our Signature Bespoke packages or made-to-measure items. 

Returns and exchanges must be made within 14 days of your order’s delivery.

All items must be unworn, unwashed, and in original packaging.

Please schedule an appointment (virtual or with us to discuss your vision, wedding colors and brainstorm or review design inspiration for your custom look as well as ideas for your groomsmen). From there we will work with you to determine what packages make the most sense to move forward with.